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Insurance Options

Insurance can be an important component of your overall financial strategy. While its primary purpose is often protection, insurance coverage can offer additional benefits:

  • Cash to your estate to pay debts, taxes or other expenses
  • Legacy/wealth transfer strategies
  • Asset accumulation and distribution strategies

As you seek to build financial security for yourself and your family, you may want to consider the following options:

Protection and Legacy Transfer

  • Term and Permanent Life Insurance – can provide for basic insurance protection, debt consolidation, mortgage cancellation, college funding and family income needs. READ MORE about life insurance options
  • Long-term care insurance – can help defray health care costs not covered by Medicare. READ MORE about long-term care insurance
  • Medicare supplemental insurance – is designed to provide for an increase in the deductibles and co-insurance payments required each year in Medicare plans.
  • Disability income insurance – can be used to replace income due to a disabling accident, health issue or mental incapacity.
  • Group life and disability – can provide employee life and disability insurance coverage for your business.


When you work with a Legend Group Financial Professional, you have access to a large selection of fixed and variable annuities from a variety of nationally recognized insurance companies. Your advisor can help you make appropriate choices that reflect your investment objectives.

Before investing in a variable annuity, consider its investment objectives, risks, charges and expenses carefully. Please read the prospectus carefully before you invest or send money.

In reference to general account obligations and guarantees, such as is present with fixed annuities, the ability for the insurance company to meet these obligations to policyholders are subject to sufficient capital, liquidity, cash flow and other resources of the insurance company.