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Annuities vs Mutual Funds

Annuities vs Mutual Funds

| June 16, 2022

Employees of public schools and certain tax-exempt organizations have access to a 403(b) plan.

Also known as a TSA plan, your 403(b) retirement plan can hold a lot of benefits for you. And by making regular contributions to a 403(b)/TSA account, you have a convenient means to enhance your retirement savings as you work toward building your financial future.


Do you know how your TSA/403(b) money is invested? 

Watch our short video explaining the different investment options available for your TSA/403(b) account.

The Legend Group is here to help you as you work toward building your financial future. We can answer your questions, work with you to develop a viable investment strategy, and assist you in selecting the investment options that may best reflect your needs. Your financial advisor can also provide information about your state retirement plan and offer ongoing guidance as you work to reach your investment goals.

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