Donald Tiburzi, CRC®

Donald Tiburzi, CRC®

Certified Retirement Counselor®

Phone: 800.735.9395
Fax: 716.837.3099

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Mission Statement:

Legend's commitment to the working investor, as well as the unique needs of the retired investor, is to help make their hard-earned dollars work even harder. Mr. Tiburzi is committed to performing retirement planning services in a competent, efficient and economical manner and to act in the best interest of the investor by providing retirement planning guidance.

Personal & Professional Qualifications:
To help clients by providing well researched financial guidance and planning services, Mr. Tiburzi has been servicing clients as a Registered Representative of Legend Equities Corporation since January, 1984. In 1992, Mr. Tiburzi received his Registered Principal's license for Legend Equities Corporation. Mr. Tiburzi provides access to professional investment services for working and retired employees of educational and other not-for-profit organizations. He also offers a wide range of educational programs on mutual funds, tax-sheltered annuities, estate planning concerns, tax-advantaged investments, and insurance products. Seminars and workshops can be scheduled throughout the year to educate working investors on topics such as taxes, diversification, inflation, saving for retirement and financing a child's education. Personal, one-to-one consultations can be arranged with Mr. Tiburzi to provide continued support and financial advice. In May, 1977, Mr. Tiburzi graduated Magna Cum Laude with a B.B.A. - Accounting from Niagara University.

Company History:
For nearly 50 years, The Legend Group has been providing investment services to employees of educational and other not-for-profit organizations. Mr. Tiburzi has been with Legend Equities Corporation serving investors since January, 1984. Prior to this, Mr. Tiburzi was an accountant with Dresser Industries for seven years.

Specialty Services:
Estate Planning, Retirement Planning, Disability Insurance, Long Term Care, Life Insurance and Employee Benefits.

Services Outside of Legend Equities Corporation:
Tax Preparation


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